Quaker Faith and Witness

As Quakers we hope that our lives speak peace, equality and respect for the earth. In addition to the holding of public Meetings for Worship, Devon Quakers are involved in many community projects and activities. Contact us if you would like to help or are seeking more information.

Ukraine: [updated 5/5/22]

Quakers in Britain: Quakers in Britain condemn attack on Ukraine and call for end to fighting | Quakers in Britain

Dedicated page on our Quakers in Britain website about our response to the situation: Ukraine | Quakers in Britain

A blog from our head of Worship and Witness: Faithfully maintaining our testimony against war | Quakers in Britain

Quakers in Devon are upholding all those involved impacted by the situation in Ukraine. Many Quakers are joining with our local communities in vigils and services; some Friends are linking with Quakers around the World in online Meetings; and some are in contact with Friends in Kiev and in Friends House, Moscow.  Friends in many Meetings are supporting the "Homes for Ukraine" scheme.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.


  • Prison chaplains provide valuable support in HMP Channings and Wood, and HMP Dartmoor.
  • Quaker-appointed Chaplains also work as part of multi-faith teams to support hospital patients in Exeter and Torbay hospitals.
  • There is a Quaker presence in Plymouth University and Exeter University

Support for refugees

Many Meetings active involvement in bodies such as Refugee Support Devon has led to various initiatives. One such, following a deeply felt process of spiritual discernment, is Exmouth Local Meeting’s Concern for Refugees, which has resulted in the purchase of a property to house a refugee family under the Government’s refugee resettlement scheme. Friends in Exeter, Kingsbridge and Tavistock are also very active. Please contact us if you are interested in linking up.

Other concerns

Friends across Devon are actively translating their faith into action within Quaker organisations or in collaboration with others sharing the same concerns, such as poverty, sustainability, climate change and mental health. In these ways we strive to be a loving community which is open and welcoming to all.

Despite the severe restrictions on gathering together during the pandemic, many Friends have continued to be involved in activities and organisations that individuals feel exemplify our Quaker Testimonies. These include participating in Extinction Rebellion actions, involvement in the Transition Town movement, campaigning for better treatment of refugees, and supporting the vulnerable in their local communities in many different ways.